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This book will help teens and their parents:

v  Recognize harassment - bullying, sexual harassment, stalking, hazing and cyberbullying

v  Understand harassment laws and how they protect victims and punish

v  Identify passive, aggressive or assertive personality types

v  Discover what your personality type has to do with harassment prevention

v  Learn how to become assertive and how to maintain an assertive

v  Know strategies that work and those that won't when dealing with harassers
or bullies

v  Read stories and quotes from real peoples' experiences

v  Complete activities designed to help you prevent harassment

v  Prepare to become a person who is confident, happy and successful!



Reviews for Hey, Back Off!



This title is an excellent read for teens and their parents. It will get them started on a discussion of bullying and identifying the abusive behaviors associated with it. The book speaks to issues that teens commonly face and how to work through them. This title needs to be wherever teens and their families are serviced. It is an essential purchase for public and school libraries alike.   Robbie Flowers, Voice of Youth Advocates (VOYA) Magazine


Five Stars! Bullying has become a major problem at schools and this particularly affects teenagers. Every parent wants to help their bullied teenager and Hey, Back Off: Tips for Stopping Teen Harassment is filled with advice that provides teens and parents the proven tools, tips and strategies to stop bullying as well as ways to prevent them from becoming bullies. In an age of cell phones, texting, and social networks like Facebook, there has been a rise in this behavior and it behooves all concerned parents to learn what to do.   -  Alan Caruba, Bookviews


It is this tactic—literally providing the vocabulary for assertive communication—that makes Hey, Back Off! a standout in the field. Order this one fast before it disappears off the shelves!  - Kathy Barber Hersh, New York Journal of Books


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