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Thanks for finding me. I hope you think my writing is helpful. Writing allows me to combine my two passions: writing and teaching. I am a firm believer in talking straight with young people about what it takes to become a successful person in a crazy world. I don't talk down to teens and I put it all out there. In other words, I write for teens with the belief that they are, or can be, mature, intelligent and independent people.

On my site you will find descriptions of my books, information about me, helpful links for teens, parents and teachers including résumé templates, information on Hey, Get a Job! and Hey, Back Off!workshops and book clubs, and freelance editing and writing services I have to offer. On the 4 Teachers page, educators will find plans and supplemental materials for the 'Hey' books as well as other information. So feel free to roam or use the tabs to go to what you need the most.


Also on my site is a description of my unpublished memoir, A Backpack, a Eurorail Pass and Some Serious Baggage. This book is about friendship, dealing with the tough stuff life dishes out, and discovering purpose. I am currently seeking agent representation.


If you have any questions or comments, please email me at  Links to my Twitter, Facebook and my blog, Hey, Teens and Parents! are below.


Thanks for hangin' out with me!                                                      







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